A platform for monitoring and brief interventions.

Launching on iOS and Android 2019

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About schema

schema is an app-making toolkit for iOS and Android for designing, developing, and deploying mobile surveys for monitoring and brief intervention. There are three key benefits to the schema platform:


Build your survey using a single protocol file - no coding required.


All survey items and data are collected securely.


schema is free for participants to access your survey.

Key Features

Rich Elements

A wide range of elements are included to build research tools and clinical interventions, including: audio, video, slider, date/time picker, checkboxes, radio buttons, text, and more. Most elements also support dynamic branching.

Flexible Design

Multiple instruments can be deployed in a single study/intervention, allowing for flexibility of study design (e.g. pre and post surveys, incremental release of surveys, and so on).


Flexible scheduling of alerts, including once-off alerts, recurring alerts, open responses, location-based alerts, and more, meaning the platform is suitable for ecological momentary assessment, longitudinal research, interventions, observational studies and data collection in the field.

Feedback Graphs

Any outcome variable can be easily linked to a dynamic feedback graph to allow your users to track their progress or behavioural change over time. Interval data types are currently supported.

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A beta version of schema will be launching in 2019.
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